Dharma Study Sessions

Red Clay Sangha's Dharma Study Sessions use a combination of sutta study -- study of specific suttas in the Pali and Mahayana cannons -- and selected commentary by Buddhist teachers and scholars to present an in-depth look at a particular Buddhist teaching or topic. Study sessions include meditation and discussion periods to help us digest and consider the teachings. 

The Dharma Study Sessions are held approximately quarterly and generally on a Saturday morning at Red Clay Sangha's location on Hospital Avenue in Chamblee, GA. Note: During the pandemic, the sessions will be held via Zoom.

Materials from the course will be made available from the right column in the following table after the sessions have concluded and are offered freely for anyone to read or reuse-rework for their own study sessions. For more information about the study sessions, please email Elizabeth Gibson.

Upcoming Study Sessions
 Study Materials from Previous Sessions
Saturday, May 29th, 2021: The Brahmaviharas Brahmaviharas Study Session - Materials.pdf
Saturday, Aug 7th, 2021: The Four Vows 

Saturday, Oct 17th, 2021: Understanding and Practicing with the 12 Links of Dependent Origination


Practicing with the Five Aggregates Study Guide Feb 2021                                                   

Right Speech Study Guide Aug 2020
  Anapanasati Sutta Study Group Materials - Oct 2020.pdf

Anatta (Not-Self) (February, 2020)
  The Fire Sermon: The fires of Greed, Ill-will and Delusion (October, 2019)

 Four Noble Truths (July, 2019)  
  Karma (May, 2019)

 Five Aggregates (January,2019)    
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