For You...

Red Clay Sangha is here to support you in your practice.

Our driving mission as a community is to bring the dharma to all beings, individually and collectively.  Our practice is to live the Bodhisattva ideal of returning again and again - to this space, to our community, to this life - until the suffering and dis-ease that is so pervasive in the world comes to an end. Until all beings find peace and love. Until you find peace and love. We welcome you, just you, individually you, not so much regardless of your faith, tradition, culture, but precisely because of what makes you uniquely "you," and we invite you to explore whether the teachings and practices of Buddhism, as we bring them forth at Red Clay Sangha, can be of help to you in your practice.

A Word from our Guiding Teacher

"In addition to formal training in my Insight/Thai Forest lineage and my practice as a Zen priest, I have exposure to many other Buddhist practices and, through my interfaith engagement, to many non-Buddhist faith traditions. As a non-lineage-based community, many of our members are not formal Buddhists, and others have teachers in various traditions. My mission is to support each of these persons and you in everyone's individual spiritual practice, regardless of faith or Buddhist lineage. Our sangha activities are designed to be inclusive, and I would be delighted to talk to you about your spiritual and faith practice and to explore how Red Clay or I can support you in that."


Please explore our programs to see what might appeal to you, or reach out to talk to Gareth. On the website you can also find recorded dharma talks, copies of materials from study sessions, information about membership, opportunities to volunteer and help the sangha, and our liturgy.

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