Monday Evening Meditation and Dharma Talk

This is an event hosted by the Atlanta Insight Meditation Community in partnership with Red Clay Sangha. It is open to all.

We meet every Monday (except the week of a national holiday) from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. We begin with a sitting meditation, then have a dharma talk from someone in our teachers' circle, and end by enjoining in mindful discussion. Occasionally we also hold special social events, such as "Dinner and a Movie" night, social gatherings, and silent sangha nights, where we conduct only sitting and walking meditations. Annually we offer a half-day local retreat.

Please visit the Atlanta Insight Meditation Community meetup page for detailed information on meetings and sangha activities.

About The Atlanta Insight Meditation Community

The Atlanta Insight Meditation Community (AIMC) is a Buddhist sangha practicing in the Insight tradition. Our aspiration is to create a welcoming spiritual community offering transformative teachings of a living dharma to guide daily life and practice. Our vision is to support awakening and freedom for all beings through practice of loving kindness, compassion, generosity, and deep seeing that cultivate wisdom (panna), ethical living (sila), and mindfulness (sati).

We value the study and practice of the lasting teachings of the Buddhadharma. We celebrate and cultivate a diverse and inclusive sangha. We are committed to engagement, social justice, and awareness of interdependence. We vow to create a space of "sangha as practice" by supporting mutual respect and mindful dialogue.

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