Wednesday Reading Group

 The reading group is a peer-moderated reading and discussion group. Discussions are informed by the reading material, but all are welcome and can benefit from and contribute meaningfully to the discussion without reading the material. No comments or directions of inquiry are "banned".

Meditation before discussion is open to all, but not is joining the group for late dinner and/or drinks at a local restaurant.

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Please note that we are observing following holidays 

November 24 (Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving)

December 29 (Wednesday evening)

Currently Reading

Mindfulness of Breathing : A Practice Guide and Translations (Paperback)

Mindfulness of Breathing: A Practice Guide and Translations

by Bhikkhu Analayo

Buddhist scholar and teacher Bhikkhu Anālayo explores the practice of mindfulness of breathing in the sixteen steps of the Ānāpānasati Sutta. This is an authoritative, practice-orientated elucidation of a foundational Buddhist text, useful to meditators whatever their tradition or background. In the first six chapters Anālayo presents practical instructions comparable to his Satipatthāna Meditation: A Practice Guide. The remaining chapters contain his translations of extracts from the early Chinese canon. With his accompanying commentary, these help the practitioner appreciate the early Buddhist perspective on the breath and the practice of mindfulness of breathing. Anālayo presents his understanding of these early teachings, arising from his own meditation practice and teaching experience. His aim is to inspire all practitioners to use what he has found helpful to build their own practice and become self-reliant. The book is accompanied with freely downloadable audio files offering guided and progressive meditation instructions from the author. .

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Reading Schedule for Current Book


 Introduction and Chapter1 - Mindfulness and the Breath


 Chapter2 - Contemplation of the Body

10/27  Chapter3 - Contemplation of Feeling Tones
11/3  Chapter4 - Contemplation of the Mind
11/10  Chapter5 - Contemplations of Dharmas'
11/17  Chapter6 - Awakening
 12/1  Last 4 chapters of the Agama study and comparison
12/8  Closing thoughts
 12/15 Starting the new Book "Training in Tenderness"


7:30         Meditation

8:30         Book Discussion

9:30         Community and Food/Drinks at a Local Restaurant

Upcoming Books

The group regularly engages in a democratic peer selection process to determine upcoming books. Selections range throughout the Buddhist Book spectrum. Upcoming (in the order we anticipate reading) are:

  • Training in Tenderness: Buddhist Teachings on Tsewa, the Radical Openness of Heart That Can Change the World by Dzigar Kongtrul
  • The First Free Women: Poems of the Early Buddhist Nuns by Matty Weingast and Bhikkhuni Anandabodhi
  • Awakening the Heart: Essential Buddhist Teachings and Commentaries by Thich Nhat Hanh
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