Wednesday Reading Group

The reading group is a peer-moderated reading and discussion group. Discussions are informed by the reading material, but all are welcome and can benefit from and contribute meaningfully to the discussion without reading the material. No comments or directions of inquiry are "banned".

Meditation before discussion is open to all, but not is joining the group for late dinner and/or drinks at a local restaurant.

Currently Reading

Money and investing. Family. Relationships. Work and business. Sex. What could the Buddha tell us about such worldly concerns? More than you might think--and you'll find it all here. Some of it might well surprise you. All of it will guide you toward a more prosperous, more fulfilling, and truly happier way of life.

The Buddha had an unusually keen insight into what people with everyday concerns need to know, and The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity delivers the actual teachings that he gave to all those many people he encountered who were not monks or nuns-or even, meditators. This is practical advice on the important stuff of life, those things nearly all of us must deal with in order to enjoy a meaningful, lasting happiness:
  • Taking care of children and aging parents
  • Providing for our families
  • Working with employees and business partners
  • Finding and maintaining love relationships and marital partnerships
  • Making responsible, ethical financial decisions
  • Cultivating the best in your personality
These very do-able practices are specifically for those who can't or (for whatever reason) won't be devoting their lives to meditation or any kind of religious teaching--but who nonetheless wish to minimize their suffering, maximize their joy, and help create a better world.

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Reading Schedule for Current Book

Begin "The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity: At Home, At Work, In The World" by Bhikku Basnagoda Rahula
 11/28 "The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity" - Chapters 1 - 4
 12/5 "The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity" - Chapters 5 - 8
 12/12 "The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity" - Chapters 9 - 11
 12/19 "The Buddha's Teachings on Prosperity" - Chapters 12 - 14
 1/2 Commence Ben Connelly - Inside Vasubandhu's Yogacara







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Book Discussion

Afters at a Local Restaurant

Upcoming Books

We regularly poll the group to determine the book selection. Selections range throughout the Buddhist Book spectrum. Upcoming books (in the order we anticipate reading them) are:
  • Ben Connelly - Inside Vasubandhu's Yogacara
  • Analayo - Meditator's Life of the Buddha
  • Pema Chodron - No Time to Lose
  • Walpole Rahula - What the Buddha Taught
  • Richard Hanson - Buddha's Brain
  • Thubten Chodron - Open Heart, Clear Mind: An Introduction to the Buddha's Teachings
  • Robert Thurman - Anger
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