Sunday Morning Service

On Sunday mornings Red Clay Sangha meets for sitting and walking meditation, a brief service and a Dharma discussion, followed by a community lunch.

We begin at 9:00 with silent, seated meditation for an hour and a half, comprising three 25 minute periods, separated by two sets of 5 minutes of walking meditation. Each person brings their own particular meditation approach and style to their cushion, bench or chair, though our dominant tradition is facing the wall.

The morning service begins immediately following the meditation period and lasts for approximately ten minutes, after which there is a short bio break and opportunity to meet and greet. The group then sits in a circle for a dharma discussion, led and facilitated by one of our members. (Occasionally in lieu of the dharma discussion there will be a speaker or public event, and once each month we observe precepts renewal ceremony.) After the morning events, at around 11:30, we adjourn for lunch at a nearby establishment.

All are welcome: please come out and join us some Sunday morning. If you are new or need meditation instruction, please come 5 or 10 minutes early and introduce yourself, and we can give you a brief introduction. 

It is not necessary to be present for the entire schedule, but please be mindful of the disruption to others when entering and leaving. 

Precepts Renewal Ceremony

At or near each full moon we have a brief ceremony to renew our commitment to living our lives in accordance with the Buddhist precepts. This ceremony takes place immediately after the morning service on those Sundays and is often followed by a dharma discussion about the precepts, generally opened up to share what the review and renewal of the precepts brought up for participants.

Sunday Schedule

  9:00am  Sitting and Walking Meditation
10:30       Morning Service
10:45       Dharma Discussion
11:30       Close and Brunch

Upcoming Precept Ceremonies

09 Oct 2022 10:30 AM • Red Clay Sangha
06 Nov 2022 10:30 AM • Red Clay Sangha
04 Dec 2022 10:30 AM • Red Clay Sangha
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