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15 Nov 2013 9:47 AM | Cherry Zimmer (Administrator)
At the most recent retreat I forgot the meal chant cards so we had to write them up by hand (photo by Richard is at end of retreat when we started talking again of Beth educating everyone). As you can see, everyone was in a good mood at the end of the retreat!

For future reference, the following are two versions we use:


We reflect on the effort that brought us this food and consider how it comes to us.
We reflect on our virtue and practice, and whether we are worthy of this offering.
We regard greed as the obstacle to freedom of mind.
We regard this meal as medicine to sustain our life.
For the sake of enlightenment we now receive this food.

Alternative used by Mindfulness Communities:
This food is the gift of the whole universe, the earth, the sky, and much hard work.
May we be fully present to appreciate this meal.
May we shed light on our states of mind, and learn to eat in moderation. 
May we take only foods that nourish us and prevent illness.
We receive this food to realize the way of understanding and love.


  • 16 Dec 2013 11:23 AM | Richard Skoonberg (Administrator)
    Here is one of my favorite version of this chant. It was used at Tassajara for years and at the ASZC...

    Innumerable labors brought us this food;
    We should consider how it comes to us.
    Receiving this offering, we should consider
    Whether our virtue and practice deserve it.
    Desiring the natural order of mind,
    We should be free from greed, hate, and delusion.
    We eat to support life and to practice the way of Buddha.

    This food is for the Three Treasures,
    for our teachers, family and all people,
    and for all beings in the six worlds.

    The first portion is to avoid all evil
    The second is to do all good
    The third is to save all beings
    Thus we eat this food and awaken with everyone.
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