Extra Precepts for Monks

22 Sep 2013 3:20 PM | Cherry Zimmer (Administrator)
During today's dharma discussion there were questions about the original precepts, centering on the difference between the five lay precepts and the extras given to ordained folks. 

The Pali Canon lists 5 lay ("Don't kill, steal, misuse sex, lie, intoxicate"), and 8 ordained (which are often celebrated by lay on moon days). The extra three we weren't quite so sure about, they are Don't eat at the wrong time, sing and dance, sleep on high beds.

We also mentioned the Vinaya (rules for monastic conduct) which are typically used by Theravada monastics, but reputed to have been rescinded by Buddha on his deathbed, except for the major ones. The Theravada decided to be safe and keep them all, the Mayhayana typically use the 16 Bodhisattva precepts which we renewed this morning (plus specific rules within each community). 

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