Typical Out-of-Town Retreat Schedule

Opening Day (Usually Thursday or Friday)
4:00-6:00 pm  Arrival and settle in
6:00 Supper
7:00 Welcome and Orientation
8:00 Begin Silence
8:00 Sitting and/or Walking Meditation
9:30 End of Day

Full Retreat Days (Including Friday and Saturday)
6:00 am Wake-up Bell
6:30 Sitting and Walking Meditation
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Break
9:30 Sitting and/or Walking Meditation; Dharma Talk
11:00 Group Outdoor Walking Meditation
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 Break
1:30 Sitting and/or Walking Meditation
2:30 Group Discussion
4:30 Sitting and/or Walking Meditation
6:00 Supper
6:30 Break
7:30 Sitting and Walking Meditation
9:00 End of day

6:00 am Wake-up Bell
6:30 Sitting and Walking Meditation
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Break
9:30 Sitting and Walking Meditation, long walking optional
10:30 Closing Service

Closing Circle
End of Silence
11:30 Pack and Clean common areas
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 Cleanup, Pack and Leave

Our schedule is designed to allow participants ample depth of practice without creating exhaustion or injury. Participants are encouraged to be mindful of their own abilities and pay close attention to the intelligence of their own bodies to practice compassionately. 

To encourage us in observing the precepts, we will hold the renewal ceremony at the start of the retreat. This ceremony can be found here.

Our philosophy is to follow the retreat style of the teacher. Accordingly the particular mix of activities, including indoor and outdoor walking and sitting meditation can vary substantially between retreats.

During the break periods the meditation hall will be open for silent personal yoga or stretching practice. You also may engage in non-verbal creative activity (including cooking). If you choose to hike or jog, please take a watch. This period should use energy - napping is discouraged. 

Silence should be observed after orientation until Lunch Sunday except during  private interview sessions. Please make sure that you are well away from others if it is necessary to speak. Reading also is discouraged. 

Retreat participants are required to participate in meal preparation and cleanup, and other activities, which is managed through a sign-up sheet.

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