About Red Clay Sangha

Red Clay Sangha is a non-lineage-based lay practice. Our Guiding Teacher, Gareth Young, was transmitted and is fully authorized in the Thai Forest tradition, but not only does he incorporate teachings from other traditions, our teachings are further broadened by teachers from other communities who are invited to lead occasional Red Clay retreats, and by the experiences of our senior teachers in different lineages. You can read about our visiting teachers on the "Teachers" page, and see the diversity of our service offerings in the "Programs" section of this site.

We value the breadth and diversity of our teaching, but above all we value the safety of our members and visitors, and we hold ourselves and our teachers to the highest ethical standards. Click here to review our guidelines for ethical conduct and precepts.

We believe strongly in the core value of generosity and abundance and wish to bring our practice programs to the public as a gift and without fees. In this way, when our members donate to Red Clay Sangha they are giving their time, treasure and talent to the entire world. We strive to make all practice programs open to the public without charge. This is not always possible (for example residential retreats are expensive to run), but where we must charge, we keep fees to the minimum possible. Nonetheless we do have rent and other costs, and are dependent on donations, so we do invite you to consider supporting us by making a donation.
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