About Red Clay Sangha:

Red Clay Sangha offers Buddhist practice - meditation, chanting, study and fellowship - in Atlanta, Georgia. We draw from many traditions and lineages, especially Vipassana and Zen (our guiding teacher received dharma transmission in the Vipassana Tradition) and have a sangha (community)-oriented approach to teaching and ministry. The sangha is dedicated to bringing the compassion and wisdom of Buddha's teachings and practice to all.

Meeting Locations:

Wherever possible our events and activities are held in hybrid format (in person at our space and on Zoom). Some events, generally for reasons of safety, are in person only; and some, for practical reasons, are held only on Zoom. See Programs page and Calendar for a full list of activities. If joining an event on Zoom, use this link.

New to Red Clay Sangha? Welcome! 

All are welcome, whoever you are, wherever you call home, whomever you love, our Buddhist sangha welcomes you to join us on the path of understanding and love - regardless of experience level. We look forward to getting to know you!

If you plan to attend in person: upon arrival please enter quietly, remove your shoes and join in the meditation session if it is in progress. Modest, comfortable clothing is appropriate. Please do not wear fragrance. Once entering the meditation hall, please remember that this is our sacred space.

Regular Programs

03 Dec 2023 9:00 AM • In Person and Zoom
05 Dec 2023 7:30 PM • In Person
06 Dec 2023 8:00 PM • Zoom
07 Dec 2023 7:30 PM • In Person and Zoom

Upcoming Sunday Service Dharma Talks

 Dec 3rd
 Richard Skoonberg Tools to Sharpen Your Concentration
 Dec 10th
 Gareth Young  Suffering/the End of Suffering
 Dec 17th
 Gareth Young  Suffering/the End of Suffering
 Dec 24th
 Charli Vogt
Precepts Renewal and Potluck
 Dec 31st
 Gareth Young
 A New Beginning
 Jan 7th
 Gareth Young
 Suffering/the End of Suffering
 Jan 14th
 Richard Skoonberg
 Practicing Metta
 Jan 21st
 Gareth Young
 Suffering/the End of Suffering
 Jan 28th
 Gareth Young
 Suffering/the End of Suffering
 Feb 4th
 Lisa Story
 Guest Speaker
 Feb 11th
 Gareth Young
 Suffering/the End of Suffering
 Feb 18th
 Charli Vogt

What's New

Red Clay will remain open throughout the Dec/ Jan holiday season.

Gareth is one of the interfaith leaders for a World Pilgrimage to Vietnam in February. These are transformational travels. Contact Gareth to find out more.

Current Wednesday Reading Group Book 
We are extending Joseph Goldstein's One Dharma to Dec 5th for Chapter 11 (Nirvana)  and will begin with Gil Fronsdal's translation of the Dhammapada, on Dec. 13th.
Current Thursday Evening Topic 
 We are interspersing discussions of koans from the Mumonkan with Chinese and Pali Canon awakening poems from women. See the Thursday event page for details.

Retreats and Special Events

10 Dec 2023 11:00 AM •
16 Dec 2023 9:00 AM • Red Clay Sangha (Hospital Drive) and on Zoom
20 Jan 2024 9:00 AM • Red Clay Sangha (Hospital Drive) and on Zoom
03 Feb 2024 10:00 AM • In person and on Zoom
17 Feb 2024 9:00 AM • Red Clay Sangha

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