Red Clay Sangha places an extremely high value on ethical conduct, especially related to conduct within our community. We believe it is of foremost importance that all members and visitors are respected and safe. All members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Precepts and the Statement of Ethical Conduct.


We ask all members and leaders to become aware of the Precepts and endeavor to keep them as a guide. In following the Precepts, we seek not to judge ourselves or others and use the precepts as guides and support in our lives and practice and to fulfilling them in the spirit of reverence.


I vow to refrain from all evil.

I vow to make every effort to live in enlightenment.

I vow to live for the benefit of all beings.


Do Not Kill

I vow to perfect my understanding of not killing and non-harming and use that understanding to direct all of my actions.

Do Not Steal

I vow not to take that which does not belong to me and to respect the property of others.

Do Not Misuse Sexuality

I vow not to create harm through sexuality and to avoid sexual exploitation.  Misuse of sexuality also includes sexual harassment and discrimination of others based on gender or gender preference.

Do Not Say That Which Is Not True

I vow to speak that which is true and useful and to refrain from gossip. I agree to cultivate conscious and clear communication and to nurture the quality of loving-kindness and honesty as the basis of my speech.

Do Not Cloud the Mind or Abuse Intoxicants

I vow not to abuse or misuse intoxicants at any time.

  • I vow to cultivate awareness of the impact of intoxicants on my life and to endeavor to minimize that impact.
  • I vow not to engage in the use of intoxicants in a manner that could impact others, including others who may have a history of addiction or abuse.


Precepts are principled guides to our behavior based on Buddhist teachings. They inform our standards of conduct.  To uphold the integrity of Red Clay Sangha, we expect our Sangha members, Dharma leaders and RCS Board members practice the following standards:

  • Treat each other with dignity and respect, regardless of membership status or any other construct.

  • Uphold equal rights and the dignity of all.

  • Not discriminate. We will not use race, faith, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other classification to harm others or exclude them from full enjoyment of the services and fellowship of the sangha.

  • Not tolerate sexual harassment or any other form of harassment in accordance with our commitment not to discriminate.

  • Respect the privacy, personal views, and lifestyle choices of all individuals.

  • Not reveal any information disclosed in confidence unless there is a legal requirement to do so, or we feel that an individual is going to harm himself or others.

  • Agree that no one in Red Clay Sangha, including leaders, is authorized to provide mental health services on behalf the organization. Nothing discussed in a group or one-on-one setting shall be construed as therapy.

  • Agree that financial contributions are voluntary unless otherwise agreed upon to defray the cost of specific programs such as retreats.

  • Use of intoxicants is not permitted during retreats or while on retreat or sangha premises.

  • Fulfill membership pledges to the utmost of our ability, recognizing that subsequent financial constraints due to unforeseen circumstances may sometimes be prohibitive of fulfilling such commitments.

  • Provide service to the sangha based on our individual talents, abilities and available time while recognizing that, as volunteers, no one will be required to perform any duty or service.

  • Bring consciousness to the sangha’s use of all the earth's resources. We will act in an ecologically sound manner.


All Dharma Leaders and RCS Board members must adhere to the Standards of Conduct regardless of his or her role in the Sangha and especially for anyone vested with the authority to lead or serve our community. It is imperative that they strive to uphold applicable federal, state, and local laws and adhere to ethical conduct in all matters.

  • All leaders of Red Clay Sangha are encouraged to perform all duties with impartially and diligence.

All RCS Board members must strive to ensure that all activities of the organization conform to the stated purposes of the sangha per the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of Red Clay Sangha.

  • All RCS Board members must be good stewards of the organization's finances and resources. Assets, including money, will not be given to any individual or entity for a purpose that is not approved by the Board of Directors and does not support the charitable activities of the organization. Agree to be honest in our dealing with money and not to misappropriate money committed to dharma projects.

All those in leadership positions agree not to use their role to exploit their authority and position to assume any position of power over another individual or group of individuals within the sangha. This includes through means of sexual harassment, discrimination, exploitation, or by any other means.

All in leadership positions should remain conscious of those imbalances and never use that imbalance to violate the rights of others, whether that be through sexual, financial, or other means.

We will make known any behavior not consistent with the Standards of Ethical Conduct by informing the Board of Directors at

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