Membership in Red Clay Sangha

Why Become a Member?

Joining Red Clay Sangha is a way to make a commitment to the mission and people of Red Clay Sangha and the Atlanta community. Members commit to attending services and retreats and supporting each other, and are exposed to a variety of Buddhist teachings and practices. Members also help support the Sangha's mission with their time and financial support, each according to their ability and circumstances.

Members of Red Clay Sangha are entitled to elect and be elected to the board of directors at the annual membership meeting, approve the annual budget (if this function is delegated by the board), and participate in annual planning sessions to ensure that the organization remains responsive to members’ needs and desires.

Membership assists the sangha in funding the organization’s operating expenses, such as rent and utilities for its space and fees for its website. Membership also assists Red Clay Sangha in offering dharma teachings, weekend retreats and other events to the larger community of Buddhist practitioners and others interested in exploring this practice.

Who Can Become a Member?

To become a member of Red Clay Sangha, an individual must: 
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Complete a New Member Profile.
  • Make an annual membership donation in any amount.
Red Clay Sangha welcomes individuals with diverse backgrounds and spiritual views as members. 

How Do I Become a Member?

To become a member, follow this link to complete the New Member Profile. As part of the profile, you will be asked to specify an annual donation, either as a lump sum or paid monthly. After completing the profile, go to the Donate page on the website to make your donation (as a lump sum or in installments).

Your membership runs for 12 months. You will receive reminders to renew their memberships in advance of the anniversary date. To renew your membership, log in to the website and click on "View Profile". Edit your profile with a Membership Donation Amount for the coming year. Click "Update and Next". Go to the Donate page to make your donation. 

Generosity and Abundance

Generosity is a foundational Buddhist practice, an entry point to the path, as recognized by its placement as the very first of the Paramitas. At Red Clay Sangha we recognize this importance, and we encourage and support each in developing compassion and generosity through giving of our time, talent, and money. In this spirit of generosity, our goal is to offer all practice sessions, talks, visiting teacher-led retreats and other events free or at reduced rates to all. To achieve this goal, we need the support of persons who elect to become members of Red Clay Sangha.

The amount you pledge is a personal decision, based on your financial resources and commitments. Whatever your financial circumstance, know that you are a welcome and valued member of Red Clay Sangha.

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