Generosity and Abundance

Through Red Clay Sangha, we encourage and support each other to awaken to this life while developing compassion and generosity through giving of our time, talent, and money. In this spirit of generosity, our goal is to offer all practice sessions, talks, visiting teacher-led retreats and other events free or at reduced rates to all. To achieve this goal, we need the support of persons who elect to become members of Red Clay Sangha.

Membership in Red Clay Sangha

Why Become a Member?

Joining Red Clay Sangha is a way to make a commitment to the life, mission, and people of Red Clay Sangha and the surrounding community. Members are asked to be take advantage of services and retreats,be committed to supporting each other, being open to a diversity of practitioners as well as a diversity of Buddhist teachings and practices. Members also help support the Sangha's mission with their time and financial support, each according to their ability and circumstances.

Members of Red Clay Sangha are entitled to elect the board of directors at the annual membership meeting, approve the annual budget (if this function is delegated by the board), and participate in annual planning sessions to ensure that the organization remains responsive to members’ needs and desires. 

Membership assists the sangha in funding the organization’s operating expenses, such as its current sitting space, altar, cushions, and website.  Membership will also assist Red Clay Sangha in achieving its goal of offering the dharma, weekend retreats, and other events as a gift to the larger community of Buddhist practitioners and others interested in exploring this practice.

Who Can Become a Member?

To become a member of Red Clay Sangha, an individual must: 
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Complete a new member profile.
  • Make an annual financial pledge of record in any amount in a form that is attributable to the member. Members of a pledging unit (e.g., couple or family) that has made an annual financial pledge of record are considered to have met this obligation.
Subject to these requirements, membership is open to all, including individuals identifying with historically marginalized groups (e.g. by race, sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression) as well as individuals from a variety of backgrounds and holding a variety of beliefs.

How Do I Become a Member?

To become a member, please register on the website. During the registration process, you will be asked to make a monthly pledge. If you already registered on the website, simply update your profile with your pledge information. 

Donations may be made in any manner and on any schedule that suits your circumstance, including monthly recurring PayPal donations.

Checks should be made payable to Red Clay Sangha, Inc. and mailed to:

Red Clay Sangha, Inc.

PO Box 48313

Doraville, GA 30362

How Much Should I Pledge?

The amount you pledge is a personal decision, based on your financial resources and commitments. Some members will be able to pledge considerably more than the average amounts stated above, and some may be able to pledge much less. Whatever your financial circumstance, know that you are a welcome and valued member of Red Clay Sangha.

Friends of the Sangha

Friends of the Sangha are persons who participate in the life of the congregation or sign up to receive our newsletter and other communications, but who choose not to become members.  Friends of the Sangha may choose to help support Red Clay Sangha by making an annual financial contribution of record or by making ad hoc donations either in person or online.

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