Regular Activities

All of our regular activities are open to everyone, and prior experience or preparation is not required. You can arrive at any of the activities at any time; we just ask that if you do so (on Zoom or in person), you enter quietly and respectfully. If you would like a little introduction or guidance, please arrive 10 minutes early and someone will help you.

Sunday Morning Meditation, Talk and Service

We meet every Sunday morning in person and on Zoom at 9:00, meditate for an hour and a half (3 x 25-minute sessions separated by 5 minutes of walking meditation), and have a short service at 10:25. After a short break our guiding teacher or one of our senior teachers will give a dharma talk, followed by Q&A/discussion. At 11:30 we go to a local restaurant for lunch. Once each month, on the Sunday closest to the full moon, the service is followed by a precepts renewal ceremony, and in turn by talk and discussion as usual. On these Sundays, instead of going to a restaurant, we eat pot luck lunch on the premises (we always have plenty of food, so please join us for pot luck regardless!).

Tai Chi

This is a small group that meets in person only on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 for an hour. Given the limited space, registration is required: please contact Markus Wilms, the program leader, at

Reading Group

This group, meeting weekly on Zoom (only) on a Wednesday evening, convenes at 8:00 for 30 minutes of meditation, then at 8:30 we discuss the "current" book (see the event page for details, including where we are in the book). Knowledge of the book is not necessary (it's a point of departure) and many skip the meditation and just join for the discussion.

Thursday Evening Practice

Meeting both in person and on Zoom, this event begins at 7:30. We sit together for 40 minutes, after which Gareth will read and offer a talk about a segment of source material (e.g. a sutta/ sutra, or extract, or a practice text), then open up for questions, reflections and discussion. We finish up the evening with a short period of metta practice, and if anyone is interested, go out for a late evening snack and chat.

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