One Day Meditation Retreat with Shodo Spring

  • 09 Jan 2016
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Pierce Yoga
  • 7


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A one-day meditation retreat with Shodo Spring
Saturday January 9, 2016

In this sesshin (settling the heart-mind) we will investigate the meaning of studying the Buddha Way, using Dogen's words from the Genjo Koan:

To study the Buddha Way is to study the self.
To study the self is to forget the self.
To forget the self is to be verified by all things.
To be verified by all things is to let the body and mind of the self and the body and mind of others drop off.
There is a trace of realization that cannot be grasped.
We endlessly express this ungraspable trace of realization.
(Okumura translation)

The simplicity of just sitting offers a rich opportunity for this study, which is a process of becoming human. The Sunday talk will focus on the last line, the endless expression of the ungraspable trace.

Shodo Spring has studied with Dainin Katagiri, Tenshin Reb Anderson, and finally with Shohaku Okumura, who ordained her and gave Dharma transmission. Her expression of Dharma includes “just sitting,” love of the natural world, and engagement in the issues of our time, particularly climate change.

In 2013 Shodo led the three-month Compassionate Earth Walk. In 2015 she founded Mountains and Waters Alliance, humans joining with all beings to protect and restore the earth and all life. This includes zazen, teaching, a permaculture farm, land care, and being open to what arises next.

In ordinary life Shodo has two children and four grandchildren, is a retired psychotherapist, a mindfulness coach, and a beginning farmer living in southern Minnesota.

We will begin the day with an orientation to sesshin practice. If you are new to meditation practice and find the sitting periods too difficult, you are welcome to quietly take a break. Scheduled breaks are short due to the limited space; if you need extra time please take it when you need it. 

Please maintain silence. 

Please do not wear fragrances. 

This retreat will be held at the Pierce Yoga Program, 1164 North Highland Ave, Atlanta, GA 30306 (between Virginia and Amsterdam). more...

We have plenty of floor cushions (zafus and pillows). There are fold down benches for those who prefer. OR, if you prefer your own you may bring a cushion or chair. 

Please bring a vegetarian sack lunch (neither refrigerator nor microwave are available) or you may eat at a nearby restaurant. 

There is no charge to attend the retreat. Dana for the teacher is customary.         

8-9 am Open sitting (arrival at any time)
9 am Orientation
9:30 Sitting Meditation
10:20 Walking Meditation
10:30 Dharma talk
11:20 Walking
11:30 Sitting
12:20 Lunch and break
1:10 Sitting
2:00 Walking
2:10 Sitting
3:00 Walking
3:10 Sitting
4:00 Closing circle
4:30 Close of formal retreat

Open sitting
Private interviews (optional)

Questions or comments?
Please contact Richard Skoonberg...
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