One-Day In-Town Retreat

  • 29 Jul 2017
  • 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Red Clay Sangha - Chamblee, GA
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Finding Your True Self
A one-day meditation retreat with Gareth Young
Saturday July 29, 2017

Spend a day in seated and walking meditation with Red Clay Sangha, led by Gareth Young. Dharma teachings will gloss on the the ancient spiritual question of "Who Am I" and one way of pointing at the heard of Zen and of Buddhism. Sources will include Buddhist and some Advaita Hindu teachings.

We will start the day with meditation instructions followed by 25 minute periods of seated meditation and 5 minute periods of walking meditation. Weather permitting, we will have outdoor walking meditation. 

If you are new to meditation practice and find the sitting periods too difficult, you are welcome to quietly take a break. Scheduled breaks are short due to the limited space; if you need extra time please take it when you need it. 

Please maintain silence. 

This retreat will be held at Red Clay Sangha in Chamblee, GA. more...

We have plenty of floor cushions (zafus and pillows) and chairs. OR, if you prefer your own you may bring a cushion or chair. 

Please bring a vegetarian sack lunch or you may eat at a nearby restaurant. 

Preliminary Schedule
  9:30am  Orientation and Introduction to Meditation 
 10:15  Walking meditation
 10:20  Opening Chanting Service
 10:30  Sitting Meditation
 10:55  Walking Meditation
 11:00  Sitting Meditation
 11:25  Walking Meditation
 11:30  Dharma Talk
 12:30pm  Lunch (bring own)
   1:00  Break
   1:15  Outdoor Walking Meditation
   2:00  Sitting 
   2:25  Walking 
   2:30  Sitting
   2:55  Walking
   3:00  Discussion
   3:25  Walking 
   3:30  Sitting
   3:55  Walking
   4:00  Sitting 
   4:25  Closing Chanting Service
   4:30  Cleanup and Depart

Questions  or More Information
Please contact Gareth        

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