On Not Giving In: A Retreat with Shodo Spring

  • 04 Jan 2020
  • 11:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • 3420 W. Hospital Ave. Suite 102 Chamblee, GA 30341
  • 4


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On Not Giving In

A one-day meditation retreat with Shodo Spring

Saturday January 4, 2020 

In Dogen’s time, Buddhists believed they were in the Age of Decline, in which there was no enlightenment and no real practice. Dogen vigorously opposed this idea, stating that we will be enlightened just like the ancestors, and proposing wholehearted practice.

We’ll look at this teaching of Dogen and discuss its relevance for practice in our own time.

Practice at the End of the Age

In addition to leading the one-day retreat, Shodo will also be offering a dharma talk on the morning of Sunday Jan 5th, titled "Practice at the End of the Age":

Everything comes to an end - our own lives, ideas and things, cultures and civilizations. This talk considers that natural reality from the viewpoint of Buddhist teachings, including implications for action.

About Shodo Spring

Shodo Spring is a Zen teacher and a Dharma heir of Shohaku Okumura Roshi. She is also an environmental activist, author, psychotherapist, and grandmother.  She led the Compassionate Earth Walk in 2013 and founded Mountains and Waters Alliance in 2015. Her study and teaching focus is on understanding and fully entering our relationship with all beings.

We will begin the day with an orientation to sesshin practice. If you are new to meditation practice and find the sitting periods too difficult, you are welcome to quietly take a break. Scheduled breaks are short due to the limited space; if you need extra time please take it when you need it. 

Please maintain silence. 

Please do not wear fragrances. 

This retreat will be held at our main location in Chamblee. more...

We have plenty of floor cushions and chairs. OR, if you prefer your own you may bring a cushion or chair. 

A vegetarian dinner will be provided.


To secure a place on the retreat, we ask you to make a donation of $20, 100% of which will be directed as dana (generosity) to the teacher. While this will not be a significant amount for the teacher and we ask you to consider a more substantial donation at the retreat, personal finances and dana are never a barrier to receiving the dharma with Red Clay Sangha, and full scholarships are available from our accumulated fund.

11:30am Arrival and gathering
12 pm Orientation
12:20 Sitting Meditation
1:10 Walking Meditation
1:20 Dharma talk
2:10 Walking
2:20 Sitting
3:10 Outdoor walking together
4:10 Sitting
4:50 Dinner and break
5:50 Sitting
6:40 Walking
6:50 Sitting
7:30 Closing circle
8:00 Close of formal retreat

Questions or comments?

 Please contact Gareth Young at garethjohnyoung@gmail.com      

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