Receiving the Precepts

  • 21 Jul 2024
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Chamblee Dunwoody Rd and on Zoom

Receiving the Precepts

Sunday July 21st, 2024, 11:00

On Sunday, July 21st Red Clay Sangha will hold its second formal Precepts Initiation Ceremony (the first was in December 2023). It is wonderful to continue this practice and to recognize it as a new tradition at Red Clay Sangha.

On the one hand, receiving the precepts is a "big deal", since this is a public initiation and commitment to Buddhist practice, but on the other hand, for many who consider the ceremony, the precepts are an acknowledgement of something that has already happened. Whichever category you feel you fit into, the participation in the ceremony available to all, as it was in the time of the Buddha. In the traditional teachings, the precepts are offered as a guide for living and a framework for training, rather than a set of rules to follow.

If you are interested in receiving the precepts at this ceremony, or learning more about the precepts or the ceremony, please connect with our guiding teacher, Gareth Young at one of our regular services, or reach out to him by email. We understand that the decision to participate in the precepts initiation ceremony is a very personal one, and the relationship with the precepts is your own. Gareth will provide training and coaching to all who will be participating in the ceremony and as "preceptor" will formally facilitate the receipt of the precepts. He will continue to be available to support each person in their practice going forward.

The ceremony will be held after the regular Red Clay morning service, and it will be followed by a communal celebration and a potluck lunch. Please invite friends and family, bring along your favorite dish, and join us at this time of celebration. (Registration is not necessary to attend (though coordination well in advance with Gareth is required if you wish to receive the precepts) - all are welcome!)

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