Red Clay Sangha Teachers

In the Maha-Parinirvana Sutra, when the Buddha is about to pass from the world, Ananda is concerned about his lack of a teacher in the future. The Buddha instructs Ananda that when he is gone, Ananda and his fellow monks, nuns, laymen and laywomen are to be lamps unto themselves and to take refuge unto themselves. 

Our philosophy at Red Clay Sangha is based on this teaching. We believe our true teacher and refuge is underneath us -- our cushion; infront of us --the Dharma; and beside us -- our Sangha. Many members have built relationships with teachers of various Buddhist lineages and we invite teachers from diverse traditions to visit and lead us for retreats and special events, but we have no community-sanctioned leading teacher. 

Visiting Teachers

Red Clay Sangha is honored by visits with the following teachers at past and future events:
 Lisa Ernst  One Dharma Nashville  May 2013 retreat; September 2014 retreat
 ZM Dae Gak
 Furnace Mountain
 October 2012 retreat
 Therese Fitzgerald  Dharma Friends  May 2012 retreat; April 2014 retreat
 Sunya Kjolhede  Windhorse Zen Community  November 2011 retreat
 Wayne Coger  Springwater Center  July 2011 retreat

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