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Upcoming events

    • 20 Jan 2019
    • (EST)
    • 16 Jan 2022
    • (EST)
    • 38 sessions
    • Red Clay Sangha
    At or near each full moon each month, in lieu of the regular Sunday dharma discussion, we renew our commitment to practicing the Buddhist Precepts, which involves a short and musical chant, followed by a discussion of what is coming forward for each of us around this topic. The format we generally us is that of San Francisco Zen Center (you can read it here), but the dharma discussion leader for the day often brings a different version of format to enrich out perspective and conversation.

    The precepts in our usual format are:

    We take refuge in Buddha.
    We take refuge in Dharma.
    We take refuge in Sangha.

    We vow not to harm. 
    We vow to do good.
    We vow to help others to do good.

    We vow to affirm life and not kill.
    We vow to be giving and not take what is not freely given.
    We vow to honor the body and not engage in sexual misconduct.
    We vow to manifest truth and not speak falsely.
    We vow to proceed clearly and not cloud the mind with intoxicants.
    We vow to see only our own faults and not discuss the faults of others.
    We vow to know self and other as one and not praise oneself at others’ expense.
    We vow to share generously and not spare the Dharma assets.
    We vow to actualize harmony and not indulge in anger.
    We vow to know intimacy with all things and not defame the Three Treasures.
    • 09 Feb 2019
    • (EST)
    • 15 Nov 2020
    • (EST)
    • 10 sessions
    • Red Clay Sangha

    Board of Directors
    • 05 May 2019
    • (EDT)
    • 06 Dec 2020
    • (EST)
    • 19 sessions
    • Red Clay Sangha, Hospital Drive

    Many of us have issues that intersect with racism such as patriarchy, ageism, sexism, ableism; we see our exploration of these topics as a vital part of our practice.  We initiated our sangha work in this area with a pilgrimage to the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery in March, 2019, and shortly thereafter established this group, which meets monthly to examine how we unknowingly participate in patriarchal white supremacy and find ways to address it in our lives.  Guided by the precepts, the brahmavihara, the Bodhisattva vows, and other teachings, we will weave our understanding of white supremacy into our practice as Buddhists.

    The format of the discussion is evolving, and will likely continue to do so, as the needs of the group and its members change. Whatever your background or history or identity, if you recognize this as an important area for your development, you are very welcome to join the group.

    • 22 Mar 2020
    • (EDT)
    • 25 Jun 2028
    • (EDT)
    • 100 sessions
    • Red Clay Sangha

    This regular monthly event is a drop-in group offering a supportive place to ask questions and to share our experience of the dharma. After a brief period of seated meditation, the group will begin with a reading or special topic, after which there is a lively and open group discussion.

    All who identify as women are welcome, from any spiritual background. No previous experience with meditation is necessary.

    More information about the group and topics is available here.

    • 07 Nov 2020
    • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EST)
    • Zoom
    Ven. Dhammadipa

    Saturday November 7, 2020

    (via Zoom)

    Befriending Body and Mind:

    A Day of Practice with the Six Sense Bases


    To be human is to be fully equipped with the capacity for a vast and uplifting understanding of reality, of the way things really work. Yet, discovering and activating this capacity requires gentle, skillful, and persistent meditative effort.

    On this day of retreat, we will turn to the instruments we have at hand - the six sense bases - and explore the teachings they offer. Practicing this way, we can befriend our bodies and minds, and find that reality can be clearly known wherever we are.

    The day will include both guided and silent meditation, a Dharma talk, and a Q&A period. There will be time allotted for walking meditation periods away from the computer.

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